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No Guts No Glory 

Our company's mission is to provide easy to wear snap on undies for women. The effortless way to dress.

No Guts No Glory is a clothing company that designs snap on undies for women. The effortless way to dress. Visit the website here:

Snap on underwear makes putting on and taking off undies effortless.
— Charlotte Robinson

Charlotte's Story

 I was born with vascular tumors that damaged a good portion of my right tibia. When I was around 8 years old I had a growth spurt and the vascular tumors flared up and ate through my growth plate. Over the next two years my leg began to turn in different directions because of the damage to the growth plate. My tibia rotated 50 degrees out and my femur turned 30 degrees in. Walking became problematic and by the time I was 10, I couldn't balance myself any longer. I underwent a surgery where they broke and reset everything in my right leg. During the next 2 years I had another growth spurt, but this time I only grew on the left side. This eventually developed into a 2.5 inch leg discrepancy. To fix this abnormality my surgeon, Dr. Feldman attached a Taylor Spatial Frame to my leg. I had to carry the Frame on my leg for 13 months. In the end I got my 2.5 inches of growth. That in itself is a miracle!

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